Increase Profits With Powerful Landing Page Content

When undertaking any advertising campaign, from PPC to banner advertising, it is essential that you first optimize the appropriate landing page. The landing page should offer everything that your visitor wants to see but it should also be ready to convert the visitor to perform the desired action. Page relevancy, your Unique Selling Proposition, a clear Call To Action, and giveaways and discounts are some of the most effective methods to improve conversions and increase profits.

Page Relevancy

The relevance of web pages is a topic that crops up in almost every discussion on Internet marketing and website content. Every page of your site needs to be relevant to the topic of the site. However, with the landing page, relevancy needs to be even more specific. The landing page needs to be relevant to the exact needs of your visitors. If they’ve clicked a link believing they will be presented with more information on a topic, then you need to provide that information. If they believe they are being thrust into the thick of the purchasing process, then that’s where they should be taken.

Identifying And Adding Your USP

A USP, or Unique Selling Propisition, is what makes you a more attractive prospect than your competitors. A better service, free shipping, or cheaper products could be your USP. Almost every service and website has a USP but not all identify and clearly promote that USP. By doing so, you will stand out from your competition, making you a more attractive choice. Mulching Mornington Peninsula

Adding A CTA

A CTA, or Call To Action, needs to be clearly defined within your content. If the desired action is to click a link, then you need to identify that link and make it impossible (though not literally) for visitors to ignore the appeal of clicking. Click Here is usually a weak CTA for a link and is best avoided where possible.

Giveaways And Discounts

When all other possibilities fail, offer something for free as an incentive. We all love to receive freebies and discounts and your visitors are no different. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it does have to have perceived value for your visitors. Again, make your incentive as prominent as possible within the content of your page.


Optimizing your landing pages will do significant wonders for your conversion rates and, therefore, your profit levels. Always measure the results of those landing pages, make slight alterations, and track the performance of the new page to see whether the change had the desired effect. A well optimized landing page can make a very big difference to your adveritsing ROI.

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