Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an issue men would rather bear on their own than talk about. Usually, men diagnosed with ED feel embarrassed and miserable. They cannot face their lady loves for fear of rejection and being taunted as sexual cripples.

Although erectile dysfunction is a taboo topic, it is not an uncommon phenomenon. A number of men experience difficulties in attaining and maintaining a firm erection for the duration of sexual intercourse. As a dysfunction, ED can only be diagnosed if sustained erectile problems are evident and not simply based on a number of isolated incidences of the symptoms.

Men who believe they are suffering from ED engage in grueling search for answers as to why they are experiencing such difficulties and how they can fix themselves. Fortunately, there are a number of ways of effectively treating this unpleasant condition.

Here are some options on how you can stop erectile dysfunction:

• Before trying to find the perfect treatment, visit your physician to confirm whether your condition satisfies the criteria for erectile dysfunction. Some problems may only be temporary, especially if you are taking medication that dampens your libido or when you are experiencing extreme stress. In such situations, you might just need to switch meds or reduce your stress instead of fussing over ED.

• If the dysfunction is due to stress, see a therapist. Sex therapy with your partner may be beneficial.

• If your physician confirms an erectile dysfunction, try oral medications first. Among the common drugs used to address ED are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. However, these medications are only available with prescriptions. These drugs contain phosphodiesterase inhibitors, which make it possible for the males to get a full erection in response to some stimulation.

• If oral medication fails, you may choose needle-injection therapy. This therapy uses alprostadil, a synthetic hormone. The alprostadil is injected into the base of the male’s sexual organ. In as quick as five minutes, the penis produces an erection. With this type of treatment, the erection can last for about an hour. Hormone optimization therapy

• Another option is the FDA-approved self-administered intra-urethral therapy called MUSE. The synthetic hormone alprostadil is also an active ingredient in MUSE. This prescription treatment option requires that a medicated pellet be placed in the male’s urinary opening with the aid of a disposable, plastic applicator. Men who suffer from sickle cell anemia, leukemia and abnormal penile anatomy should not use MUSE. Also, men who are allergic to alprostadil and have heart problems are warned of possible negative effects. In addition, males having intercourse with pregnant women without protection should not use MUSE. Contact your physician if after using MUSE, your erection lasts as long as four hours. The alprostadil takes the form of a suppository, and it is smaller than rice grain.

• Testosterone replacement therapy is also an option to stop erectile dysfunction. However, since only a few men suffer from low testosterone levels, so this option may not be as effective for others as it is for you.

• Another option is to use a pump to produce an erection. The penis pump is a hollow tube placed over the male organ to suck the air out and pull blood into it. A tension ring is used to sustain the erection during the entire sexual intercourse.

• When all else has failed, you can opt for vascular surgery. This process unblocks the flow of blood to the penis to allow natural erections again. You can also go for penile implants, which involve an insertion of an inflatable device or a rod into the male organ to create an erection.

Having erectile dysfunction makes one feel less a man but that should not be the case. You just hit a little road bump, and you have all possible resources to get back on the road.

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