Top Engineering Schools – What Are They?

Engineering is one of the most diverse career choices that one can make. Engineering and its application is reflected in almost every machine and structure in the world today. Engineers work on different areas from automobiles to building structure and design, hand tools, power plants, locomotives, road construction, robotics, computer, and much more. History of engineering can actually be dated back to almost 5,000 years in ancient Egypt. This is the time when the Great Pyramid oft Giza was constructed and it is still considered an engineering achievement or marvel. From the Great Wall of China to the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, from the Eiffel Tower to the highest railroad in Tibet; engineers are right at the top. But engineers are not born but they learn the art at some of the top engineering schools in the world.

Today, most top engineering schools include a variety of subjects in their curriculum and this also includes designing solutions for various problems. Engineers of today use computer aided drafting software (CAD), communication devices, robots, and much more. According to a source, there were 1-5 million engineers in the US at the beginning of the decade and that number has quadrupled by the end of the decade. Engineering is applicable in various disciplines including agriculture, aerospace, biomedical, civil, chemical, computer hardware, environmental, electrical, industrial, materials, marine, mechanical, nuclear, mining/geology, petroleum, and automobile among others. In order to excel in your chosen field of engineering, you need to choose the right engineering school. junkyards near me

Engineering is a five year course that provides you with a Bachelors degree (BE). In the US, public engineers require a license and the process of licensure involves passing two exams: the first exam has to be taken right after graduation and this will help you to become an Engineer in Training. The second exam has to be taken after almost four years of work experience and this will help you to become a Professional Engineer.

If you want to pursue engineering as a career then the first thing you need to do is check the colleges. There are several top engineering colleges but you need to look for the one that will be the closest to your home or one that offers residential housing within the premises. Apart from the reputation of the college, you need to check the facilities, the teaching staff or professors, and job placement statistics. Here is a list of the 5 top engineering schools in the US:

– California Institute of Technology also known as Caltech: It offers a 3:1 student faculty ratio and has high admission standards.
– Carnegie Mellon University: It is regarded as one of the top engineering schools in the US and is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
– Cornell University: offers excellent faculty and college facilities. It also boasts of a beautiful location and is considered among the Ivy League universities.


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